Tales of the Hellfighters

  • children of the winter

    Children of the Winter: A Chronicle of the Wolf Pack

    Falcon never wanted any part of the war sweeping across the country, but war has come and now he and his gang of street thieves must find a way to survive it. Follow the Wolf Pack's adventures as they roll the dice and battle those that would be gods. Will darkness engulf Kronnus or will the Children of the Winter cast off their cloaks and walk into the spring time?

  • shadows want to play

    Shadows Wait to Play: The Second Chronicle of the Wolf Pack

    Loyal soldiers in service to Falcon, the Wolf Pack continues to stand against Gairon the Harbinger. The Winter War is long over, but the threat of the Darklords still lurks in every shadow and now a new enemy has joined the ranks of Gairon's minions, wrapped inside a centuries-old mystery.

    Though questions beg answers, the young men and women of the Wolf Pack bury their doubts with their dead. They battle on while Shadows Wait to Play.

  • wolves blood rising

    Wolves' Blood Rising: The Third Chronicle of the Wolf Pack

    The Kintara have an ancient credo. Never leave an enemy alive. They will only return to torment you. After the disastrous battle atop the Pyramid of the Sun in the astral realm, Falcon leads the Wolf Pack against the combined might of the Darklords and Forsaken. The people of Mekedah are choosing sides, and the Wolf Pack’s ranks continue to swell allowing tired soldiers a long awaited chance to rest. nTheir furlough is interrupted though as Falcon is forced to put aside his duties as High King and hunt down those responsible for kidnapping his son. This quest will lead him and the few stalwart friends who follow him on a collision course with an old enemy, an enemy who will make them wish they had listened to their estranged friend Raven.

  • ashes in the fall

    Ashes in the Fall: The Fourth Chronicle of the Wolf Pack

    The South has fallen. Now Falcon's allies in the North, playing at politics even in this desperate hour, are slow to commit their support and slower still to muster their armies. The Wolf Pack must make its stand and stop the relentless march of the Forsaken, or else risk Gulgotha's armies breaking the Circle of the Third Covenant before its soldiers even join the battle. Can the Wolf Pack hold until Mother Winter embraces the land, or will the holy men sing their dirge while golden leaves yet fall?

  • shattered skies in my eyes

    Shattered Skies in My Eyes: The Fifth Chronicle of the Wolf Pack

    After their defeat during the siege of Falcon's Crest, Falcon and the Wolf Pack, backed by the armies of the North, are ready to push south and avenge their fallen. With the forces of the Darklords and Forsaken in disarray, the Wolf Pack is looking to seize the opportunity to finally force their enemies from the shores of Mekedah. Will the Wolf Pack finally achieve the victory for which it has fought for so long? It will if its battle hardened soldiers have any say in the matter.

  • Days of Blood and Thunder

    Days of Blood and Thunder: The Sixth Chronicle of the Wolf Pack

    The soldiers of the Wolf Pack may not have used the word crossroads when faced with the prospect of pursuing their enemies across the Sea of Storms, but not all of them are thrilled with the orders to board the warships. They have pushed the Darklords and the Forsaken from their lands, fending off vicious assaults and bearing the scars of every battle won and lost in their crusade. All they want now is a little of the peace for which they have fought for so long. The Wolf Pack creed has always demanded they follow their standard, though, and Falcon has decided to carry it across the sea and take the war to their enemy's door.